Jänese aasta kingitus, katsikukingitus. Kaisulapp
Jänese kaisulapp, jänese aasta katsikukingitus
Katsikukink tüdrukule. Jänese kaisulapp
Kaisuloom tüdrukule, jänes
Pink bunny lovey
Nimeline kingitus
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Jänese kaisulapp, jänese aasta katsikukingitus
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Katsikukink tüdrukule. Jänese kaisulapp
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Pink bunny lovey

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Soft, cute and delicate pink bunny lovey - a cuddly toy for baby that offers a sense of security. A beautiful personalized baby shower gift for a girl.

The rabbit toy is made of high-quality, Oeko-Tex 100 certified soft cotton velvet and cotton fabric, so it is a completely safe toy even for the smallest.

The face is made of woolen fabric and the eyes and nose are drawn on a sewing machine using a freehand embroidery technique.

The length of the cuddly toy without ears is approx. 23 cm.

Please choose from the drop-down menu which ears and contents you want the rabbit with.


If you wish, we can also write a name, name and date, name and heart or a text of your choice (e.g. all the child's birth details) on the bunny To do this, please select the appropriate option from the "personalization" drop-down menu and add the desired text to the "personalization description" box.

On the cuddly cloth, we write the personalization on the felt, which we sew on the back side of the cloth, in place of MiaPuPe. The last photo shows examples of what the different variants look like.


The baby blanket is made of high-quality cotton velvet and cotton fabric and can be washed either by hand or in a washing machine with 30-degree water. To dry, it can be placed either on a laundry rack or hung on a clothesline.

The inside of the blanket can be ironed in a mode suitable for cotton, and other parts can be ironed at a low temperature if necessary.

Choose here the craft card you like best to complete the gift

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Elle H

Olen ostu üle õnnelik ja teenindus väga hea.

Priit L

Mänguasja päris kasutaja veel hinnangut kirjutada ei oska, aga kõrvalt vaadates tundub, et kaisulapp ja kaisurott on vajalikud ja hinnatud seltsilised. Ja on mõnusad kätte võtta ja näevad ilusad välja.

Katre K

Lapsele väga meeldis. Alati rahul Mia Pupe-ga.

Viia K

Kõik kulges sujuvalt ja hästi! Kindlasti tellime teilt veel.😍

Maarja Õ

Väga rahule jäin nii teeninduse kui toodete kvaliteediga! 🙂 👍