MiaPuPe year summary - 2015

Year of MiaPuPe 2015

Before diving headlong into the new year, it is interesting for both yourself and perhaps others to make a small retrospective and summary of the past year. It was a very interesting and eventful year and we believe that we were able to take MiaPuPe as a company to a new level again. We will only be 4 years old in February, so we are still in the phase of laying the foundation and we are trying to do it wisely and thoughtfully - the goal is a marathon, not a sprint :).

But now to the point.

The most important event, both internally and externally, was definitely the opening of our e-shop in June. Until now, we had only thrown this thought and gradually looked for the best solution, but once it had to be done. In my opinion, it turned out pretty good :). Especially if you consider that everything is done with your own strength and wisdom, without the involvement of brave marketers and IT people. The feedback has been very positive, and the toughest thing has been our own inner voice, which has not allowed any so-so thing to be left as it is. So far, this voice is working on so many things - so there will be plenty of e-shop activities for this year as well :). If you have any observations that could / should be made better, please write them in the comments or directly to us, any feedback is very welcome.

Making an online store forces you to rethink a lot of things and it has been a very positive, educational and refreshing process. Results won't come by themselves and overnight, but they will come. If you want, learn and act :). Our first six months with our e-shop has been encouraging and positively surprising.

In addition to the e-shop, quite a few new products saw the light of day, which were also very well received. The most popular of them was definitely the sleepy sheep , but other products from the so-called stuffed animal series also became a favorite of many. We made stuffed bunnies until now, but last fall, the fluffy bunnies got a new six - we replaced the current fleece fabric with a much more child-friendly and ecological super-soft cotton fabric, and now we can say that we are also very satisfied with all the currently available stuffed animals.

Thinking of the little ones, we also made rattles from linen fabric , the faces of which are drawn on a sewing machine using a freehand embroidery tool. This is a very nice way to get expressive and unique toys. Since each face is drawn separately, no toy is exactly identical to another, which makes them even more special. Each child thus gets a unique and unique toy. And of course, you can also embroider the child's name on each character.

The characters of our collie family also got an update - mini collie last year, we also made small ones next to the big ones. The target group of such fantasy characters is much smaller than that of stuffed animals, but it is absolutely there. Among both children and adults. Anyone who still looks at this character and starts to smile is done. A unique and cute gift for people of all ages.

At the very end of the year, we also started making small crossbody bags for children with our own characters. Initially, they will only be with ewes and bears, but in the future we will definitely do with other characters as well, because according to the initial interest, it seems that it is worth continuing to make them.

In addition to the above, we also added a rag doll and bears made of old jeans to our selection (which have not arrived in the e-store yet, but we will correct this mistake soon). There is certainly reason to expect one or two new things this year.

We also did a number of special order works, which we will definitely write about in our blog in the future. In general, we will try to write a little more this year, we hope that there will be readers.

2016 will definitely be just as busy and interesting - why shouldn't it :).

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