Patchwork Quilt

Every child deserves at least one activity blanket or patchwork quilt made just for them. An activity blanket / bedspread that uses colors and motifs that the child likes, and why not the child's own drawings, hand and foot prints, etc., develops his attention and perception. Such a blanket is a beautiful memory for a lifetime, and of course mommy-daddy will also love to look at it :)

The example below is an activity blanket made on a plain background fabric. In this way, different appliqués stand out better than on a colorful patchwork background, and you can also "draw" more on such a quilt and tell stories.

A character blanket for a baby

Character quilt, applications

Mariel is a master at making a blanket suitable for each child, and we promise that the uniqueness is guaranteed :)

All you need is some guidelines, what colors and motifs the quilt should have, how big it should be, what batting we use (we use thinner batting for the bedspread and thicker batting for the character quilt) and you can leave the rest to Mariel.

Not only children deserve great blankets, but also older ones :) Below is an example of a patchwork quilt made from used shirts that decorates a cottage bed. A good example of how to preserve the old one that has become beloved and create perhaps an even more beloved new one.

You make beds from old T-shirts

Thinking of loved ones, you can make something extra special - a beautiful patchwork bedspread with good wishes written in some squares. A lovely gift for an anniversary or some other special anniversary, for example for a mother, grandmother or great-grandmother.

Quilt with texts, congratulations

If our style appeals to you and you want to order something similar, please email us at

Finally, a few more examples of patchwork activity blankets.

Patchwork quilt with appliqués

Quilt action quilt