If your company, school, kindergarten group or organization wants a cute 3D version of its mascot, MiaPuPe designer Mariel is the only and right helper for you, but please note that MiaPuPe only makes toy-like mascots, not ones you can crawl into.

Many schools, kindergartens, organizations and companies have their own mascot, coat of arms or some other unifying character, and we usually see these mascots either as images on walls and souvenirs or walking around as people at joint events :). However, MiaPuPe offers the possibility to turn this lovable character into a real toy and souvenir that can be given as a gift, with which you can make work spaces more fun, etc., etc. The only limit here is your imagination.

Some examples of mascots we have made:

The mascot toy animal of the children's museum of the Estonian Road Museum

History plan of the Road Museum In 2017, the Road Museum organized a creative competition "The Estonian Road Museum is looking for History". During the competition, children were expected to submit time-themed drawings and other works in technology, based on which a cheerful thematic mascot could be designed for the children's museum. The winning work was the work of kindergarten child Kuldari in the photo.

Our task was to make a child-friendly and durable toy animal that could be used as a mascot in the children's museum and as a character to illustrate the lesson in museum classes. We tried to make a toy animal as similar to a child's drawing as possible, and since the central theme was time, the clock became a very important detail. We made a clock with reflective fabric and moving indicators - this way you can learn the time and remember the importance of the reflector in traffic at the same time :).


Here are some more views of what this fantasy-filled History looked like in the end. His height is about 40 cm. We hope that little artist Kuldar was satisfied with the result :). To thank Kuldari, the Highway Museum also ordered a twice smaller History from us, which will hopefully inspire his future work :).

History of the Road Museum, toy

School peace mascots of Kõrveküla Primary School

School peace week has been held at Kõrveküla Primary School for several years, and as part of it, the children drew and chose a mascot that could carry school peace from class to class.

Each grade chose their favorite and we made real things from the drawings :) - a cool piece of pizza, a cute and mischievous blue fantasy animal and a completely stylish white cat. The photos show the children's drawing and next to it a character made from it.

School peace mascot of Kõrveküla Primary School

Tallinn Children's Hospital Urmel Kraps


The walls of the Tallinn Children's Hospital have been covered by pictures of the Urmelites for several years.Urmels are small creatures, about the length of a thumb, that are only born when someone does a heartfelt good deed.

Since November 2016, the support fund has been collecting donations for the construction of isolation wards for children with cancer with the campaign "Air can also kill". In Estonia, 35 children are diagnosed with cancer a year. In the 14 days following chemotherapy, the organism is so fragile that every bacteria flying in the air is life-threatening for the child. To survive this time, an infection-proof ward with autonomous ventilation is needed.

For the campaign, MiaPuPe was asked to give shape to Urmel Kraps for the first time. We made an approx. 40 cm long Kraps from furniture fabric, who was used in the advertisement and who has now hopefully found a home with the children and helps and supports them in his own mischievous way :).

Help You, too, can help children at the children's hospital. Watch the completed clip and call the given numbers .

Tapa High School mascot

Kill the High School mascot

Tapa Gymnasium has a cool mascot, Tapsi, who is not specifically any clearly identifiable animal, but just a pretty cool character :). Every year, the school recognizes its best student of the year, best teacher and doer of the year, and for two years MiaPuPe has made its own little version of Taps for each of them.

Each Tapsi is approx. 40 cm long and the name of each category is embroidered on its stomach: Good Teacher, Good Student and Good Deed and the number of the year. The school motto is embroidered on the back of the mascot.

The mascot is made of nice, soft cotton velvet, so it's nice to cuddle him if you want :).

Below are a few photos of the small Taps we made and here is a link to Tapa Gymnasium's FB page, where you can see the Taps before they were handed over :) .

TG mascot Tapsi, MiaPuPe

Like a Local Guide mascot

Lika a local mascot, MiaPuPe

In autumn 2016, we made a so-called 3D version of the mascot dog of Like a Local Guide. The photo above shows both the digital image of the mascot animal and the real, tangible animal created by us :).

In many ways, it was a so-called recycling project, because we chose old jeans as the material, which are pleasantly soft, but not too stretchy, and this kind of material usually gives the best results :). The dog's face is drawn on a sewing machine using a freehand embroidery technique, and the blouse on the back can be removed and replaced with something else if necessary. All in all, it turned out to be a cute little animal that is sure to be a lovely addition to the office or wherever you want to use it.

Like a Local Guide is an interesting and delightfully human-centric app that aims to provide people with authentic travel experiences. To achieve this, a community of people has been created in each location, who share good recommendations for tourists on what to see and experience in each city - which are the most exciting sights, restaurants, cafes, shops, etc., etc.


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