Toys from Kid's Drawings

Children's fantasy is endless, and every child draws on paper at an early age a number of characters that are as real to him as a cat and a dog. And in the same way that children like to cuddle a toy cat and dog, it would be nice to fall asleep every night in the hug of a character created by yourself - it's like a fantasy friend coming to life :).

A toy made according to a child's drawing is also a nice gift for a parent - for example, for Mother's Day and Father's Day.

MiaPuPe's workshop has already produced quite a few soft toys based on drawings or pictures of lost toy animals, and we will be happy to make more. If you are interested, please email us at

Here is a selection of completed works:

The mascot toy animal of the children's museum of the Estonian Road Museum

History plan of the Road Museum organized in 2017 Road Museum creative competition "Estonian Road Museum is looking for History". During the competition, children were expected to submit time-themed drawings and other works in technology, based on which a cheerful thematic mascot could be designed for the children's museum. The winning work was the work of kindergarten child Kuldari in the photo.

Our task was to make a child-friendly and durable toy animal that could be used as a mascot in the children's museum and as a character to illustrate the lesson in museum classes. We tried to make a toy animal as similar to a child's drawing as possible, and since the central theme was time, the clock became a very important detail. We made a clock with reflective fabric and moving indicators - this way you can learn the time and remember the importance of the reflector in traffic at the same time :).


Here are some more views of what this fantasy-filled History looked like in the end. His height is about 40 cm. We hope that little artist Kuldar was satisfied with the result :). To thank Kuldari, the Highway Museum also ordered a twice smaller History from us, which will hopefully inspire his future work :).

History of the Road Museum, toy


Grand is a sweet and loyal friend of a little girl. The child drew a picture of his dog and we made as close a match as we could. Lovely Grand :)

Toy dog ​​Grand


Brady At the end of 2015, Breden Kids, which makes clothes for children, organized a competition to find out what children's vision of their brand is.

Among the works received for the competition, Heleriini Breden was chosen as the winner, who was pleasantly named Breddy. We were very honored that Breden Kids trusted us to make a doll based on Breddy's picture.

The adjacent photo shows Breddy's artist Heleriin with her picture and the doll we made. Looking at the picture, you might think that it is a simple child's drawing, but in fact Helerini's drawing had a lot of details, all of which had to be taken into account in order to achieve an authentic result. So very interesting work :).

Braddy, Breden


Muki One child lost his beloved cuddly dog ​​Muk, who had been his best friend for 12 years. The mother wanted to alleviate the loss of the child a little, and so we were asked to make an almost-Muk as close as possible to the original Muk on the upper left of the collage.

The result was as you can see in the photos below and there is nothing left but to be satisfied :).

If I were to make another one like it, I would make some details a little differently, but in general I would leave everything the same. So, if someone wants a cute beagle invitation, one could easily be made.

Handmade dog, beagle Muki


See For Christmas 2015, we made a Nähka doll for each of the children of the Mesimummu group of the Tallinn Mõmmiku kindergarten.

Nähka is a nice character, with whose help children learn about nature. Nähka is active and smart, she wants to get everything from nature. He has dragonfly-like wings, dexterous hands, legs for walking on land, and a fish-tail rudder for swimming.

See the doll

Softrend's pet

Softrend's pet At the beginning of 2014, Softrend, which produces soft furniture, announced the dream stuffed animal project.

The children drew which stuffed animals they would like, and based on the drawings we made three different stuffed animals, which are now available to everyone at Softrend.

Get to know them, here they are: Sophia, the Color Maiden and the Color Dot. The upper collage shows the children's vision and the lower one is the implementation of MiaPuPe.

Softrend's pet, MiaPuPe

Mimu the cowgirl and Stretch the octopus

Trouble with Treasure In 2012, Robin Gurney wrote a book for his children, The Trouble with Treasure, with Stretch the octopus and Mimu the cowgirl as the main characters. The book was illustrated by Olivia Lipartia and MiaPuPe had the honor of making so-called 3D versions of the book's main characters :).

Only a pdf version of the book was made and unfortunately it never made it to print, but it was a very sweet story and an interesting project for us.

Mimu and Stretch