About Us

MiaPuPe workshop in Hiiumaa

MiaPuPe is an Estonian handicraft company and a family business that officially started in February 2012. We made our online store in the summer of 2015.

The soul and heart of MiaPuPe is Mariel, who designs all our different toys - dolls, soft toys, baby toys, fairies and gnomes, as well as fantasy characters made with child-minded adults in mind. In addition, bags and cards and everything else that inspiration gives her :)

All products are also handmade in our cozy workshop in the silence and peace of Hiiumaa, and therefore each toy is quite unique in many ways. The heat from the oven in cold weather and the sun in warm weather contribute to this.

The MiaPuPe logo comes from the pen of 4-year-old Mia, who has now grown up and watches everything from a distance, but still willingly shares her opinion and even more willingly hugs new cuddly toys.

Marju handles the entire administrative side of MiaPuPe, as well as marketing and customer management.

From time to time we also post one or two things on Facebook and Instagram , but it is quite incomprehensible how (and if at all) these posts appear on friends' timelines, so it's worth just visiting from time to time to see what's new.

To all customers who have not opted out of receiving the newsletter, we also send a few emails a year to let them know what we have been working on in the meantime and what we can be useful for.

Thank you for your interest in what we do! :)

Warm greetings from Hiiumaa!