Rag Doll

MiaPuPe's path began with rag dolls. The first ones that were made are so scary that we don't even dare to show them :). Over time, many new products have been added, and dolls have been left behind. This is mainly because of their price - making a proper and genuine rag doll is a long and labor intensive process and we are very grateful to everyone who understands this.

However, the dolls have not disappeared from our selection and we still make them, now mainly on order. Below is a small selection of the dolls we have made in recent years. If you want to make a child happy with a real doll made with all your heart and soul, please contact us, we will be happy to make them :)

The immediately available dolls can be seen in our e-shop, here :)

Baby doll

The baby doll is like a real little child - it has a sewn-on navel and bottom, fingers and toes. You can practice changing diapers and dressing your baby on it. A lovely friend for a small child who has a little sister or brother - so he can take care of the baby together with his mother :) The baby doll weighs about 900 grams and is 45 cm long, above his heart is a small heart-shaped stone picked from the nature of Estonia.

The baby doll comes with one set of clothes - a blouse and trousers or a pantsuit, diapers and booties. On request, we also make tudor clothes, blankets and pillows, etc.

MiaPuPe baby doll

Girl doll

Girl dolls are slightly smaller than babies and have long hair. They weigh about 400 g and are 38 cm long. The girl doll includes a dress, blouse, pants and booties. They also have a small heart-shaped stone above their heart, and everyone can choose the color of their hair, eyes and clothes according to their wishes.

MiaPuPe girl doll

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