Special Projects

In addition to its own production, MiaPuPe also does custom work. If you want a special gift for your child, a stuffed animal made according to his drawing, a mascot for your company or whatever you can imagine, feel free to contact us! :)

Below is a brief overview of some of the more interesting special projects and commissioned work we have done over the years. The review is more or less in chronological order, with the most recent at the front and the oldest at the back. See also the front page , there is a gallery of our custom works at the bottom.

A friendly skeleton

Skeleton cuddly toy

Action ball and floor play

Activity ball and floor game for carrying out occupational therapy for people with dementia syndrome.

Ball, floor game. Developmental toy

Serial character

Teenagers watch various series, the heroes of which become their own so much that they need to cuddle one of them. Here's an example.

Series character. Soft toy

A backpack for going to kindergarten

Backpack for a girl, for kindergarten

EOC Tokyo Olympic Games mascot

Before the Tokyo Olympics, Postimees Junior, the Estonian Sports and Olympic Museum and the Estonian Olympic Committee invited all children to draw Estonia's mascot for the Olympic Games. More than 900 works were submitted to the drawing competition, of which the jury selected nine for the final. As a result of the popular vote, Franka Gelencser's drawing "Estonian lynx" turned out to be the winner.

And we turned it into a toy that traveled with all the athletes competing in the Olympics to the games.

EOC Tokyo Olympic Games mascot

In the photo below, the Estonian equestrian team and the author of the "Estonian lynx" mascot, Franka Gelencser, are at the Tallinn airport before leaving for the Tokyo Olympics.

Estonian equestrian team, Tokyo Olympics, mascot Estonian lynx Photo: Eero Vabamägi / Postimees

Cuddly set for a cuddly grandpa

Gift for grandfather - cuddly set

The crown

The crown

Value education "helpers" for Võsukes kindergarten

The teacher of the Výsukes kindergarten ordered small helpers from us to teach the children values. The lesson is based on proverbs and there were a total of seven different values ​​and each of them corresponded to a specific color.

  • Good manners - yellow
  • Care - red
  • Courage - orange
  • Tolerance - white
  • Wisdom - blue
  • Diligence - dark green
  • Responsibility - light green

And here are the characters we created:

Values, kindergarten

Kindergarten, educational tool

Value education

When these same children graduated from kindergarten, each of them received a character of small value as a souvenir to wear, for example, on a bag.

Value education, teaching tool

Character doll

Sometimes even adults want their very own doll, and interestingly, just one that reminds them of something of themselves - maybe just some tiny detail invisible to others, but if the doll has it, then you are no longer completely alone with your swings :)

Character doll

Bedside bags

Fox, sheep and crocodile - bags at the end of the bed, for example, to store tudor clothes.

Bedside bags

Unicorn Cuisu-Henry: a cuddly animal created based on the character of the Margus Karu book

Kaisu-Henry, Margus Karu Foundation

Kaisu-Henry is a toy and stuffed animal based on the character of Margus Karu's children's book "The Dream of Henry the Horse" and also one of MiaPuPe's most special projects. "Henry the Horse's Dream" is a warm and imaginative story that encourages both young and old readers to discover their true nature and real friends on an adventure.

Teddy Henry is a unicorn who is a symbol of love, friendship, purity, innocence and longing. He is a bit real and a bit fantasy, definitely all real to some and all fantasy to others. But that's everyone's own choice :).

Kindergarten bag for Henri

Kindergarten bag

Sweet Rose

One cute child got a lovely Roos as a friend, for whom we made tudor clothes, a blanket and a pillow in addition to the usual clothes.

Girl doll with blanket and pillow

Character quilt for Robert

An activity blanket with several appliqués, on which the handprint and footprint of a few-day-old child are also "recorded".

Action deck

Activity blanket with appliqué, child's hand and footprint

Character quilt, applications

House and car application, action deck

Cards for breeders of the Sipsik group

Happy cards from the children of the Sipsik group to their parents.

Map with Sipsik

Maps Sipsik

Big Nähka doll

Big Nähka doll for the Pirita-Kose kindergarten, whose mascot is Nähka.

See the doll

Kusti, the mascot of the French Lyceum

The Tallinn French Lyceum has a great mascot - the wolf dog Kusti, whose story can be read on the school's website .

We made a small Kusti for the school at their request, which was given to a very important person for the school :).

Kusti, the mascot of the French Lyceum

The mascot toy animal of the children's museum of the Estonian Road Museum

History plan of the Road Museum In 2017, the Road Museum organized a creative competition "The Estonian Road Museum is looking for History". During the competition, children were expected to submit time-themed drawings and other works in technology, based on which a cheerful thematic mascot could be designed for the children's museum. The winning work was the work of kindergarten child Kuldari in the photo.

Our task was to make a child-friendly and durable toy animal that could be used as a mascot in the children's museum and as a character to illustrate the lesson in museum classes. We tried to make a toy animal as similar to a child's drawing as possible, and since the central theme was time, the clock became a very important detail. We made a clock with reflective fabric and moving indicators - this way you can learn the time and remember the importance of the reflector in traffic at the same time :).


Here are some more views of what this fantasy-filled History looked like in the end. His height is about 40 cm. We hope that little artist Kuldar was satisfied with the result :). To thank Kuldari, the Highway Museum also ordered a twice smaller History from us, which will hopefully inspire his future work :).

History of the Road Museum, toy

Sharko the shark

Sharko the shark

Koll for the treatment of children with anxiety disorders

A character who embodies anxiety. Commissioned work for a therapist who deals with the treatment of anxiety disorders in both children and adults.

Anxiety doll

School peace mascots of Kõrveküla Primary School

School peace week has been held at Kõrveküla Primary School for several years, and as part of it, the children drew and chose a mascot that could carry school peace from class to class.

Each grade chose their favorite and we made real things from the drawings :) - a cool piece of pizza, a cute and mischievous blue fantasy animal and a completely stylish white cat. The photos show the children's drawing and next to it a character made from it.

School peace mascots

Kill the High School mascot

Killed Tapa Gymnasium has a cool mascot, Tapsi, who is not specifically any clearly identifiable animal, but just a pretty cool character :). The school wanted to recognize its best student of the year, best teacher and deed of the year, and for this it was decided to order small versions of Taps.

So we made three cool Taps, each about 40 cm long, and on the belly we embroidered the name of each category: Good Teacher, Good Student and Good Deed and the number of the year. We embroidered the school motto on the back of the mascot.

The mascot is made of nice, soft cotton velvet, so it's nice to cuddle him if you want :).

Below are a few photos of the small Taps we made.

Kill the High School mascot, MiaPuPe

Tallinn Children's Hospital Urmel Kraps


The walls of the Tallinn Children's Hospital have been covered by pictures of the Urmelites for several years. Urmels are small creatures, about the length of a thumb, that are only born when someone does a heartfelt good deed.

Since November 2016, the support fund has been collecting donations for the construction of isolation wards for children with cancer with the campaign "Air can also kill". In Estonia, 35 children are diagnosed with cancer a year. In the 14 days following chemotherapy, the organism is so fragile that every bacteria flying in the air is life-threatening for the child. To survive this time, an infection-proof ward with autonomous ventilation is needed.

For the campaign, MiaPuPe was asked to give shape to Urmel Kraps for the first time. We made an approx. 40 cm long Kraps from furniture fabric, who was used in the advertisement and who has now hopefully found a home with the children and helps and supports them in his own mischievous way :).

Help You, too, can help children at the children's hospital. Watch the completed clip and call the given numbers .

Kitchen towel and bag with dog appliqué

Kitchen towel and bag with dog appliqué

Like a Local Guide mascot

Like a Local Guide mascot

In autumn, we made a so-called 3D version of the mascot dog of Like a Local Guide. The photo above shows both the digital image of the mascot animal and the real, tangible animal created by us :).

In many ways, it was a so-called recycling project, because we chose old jeans as the material, which are pleasantly soft, but not too stretchy, and this kind of material usually gives the best results :). The dog's face is drawn on a sewing machine using a freehand embroidery technique, and the blouse on the back can be removed and replaced with something else if necessary. All in all, it turned out to be a cute little animal that is sure to be a lovely addition to the office or wherever you want to use it.

Like a Local Guide is an interesting and delightfully human-centric app that aims to provide people with authentic travel experiences. To achieve this, a community of people has been created in each location, who share good recommendations for tourists on what to see and experience in each city - which are the most exciting sights, restaurants, cafes, shops, etc., etc.

Big and soft teddy bear Lidl advertisement

Big teddy bear, Lidl The production company Münchhausen needed to quickly find a kind-hearted, big and white bear to make a commercial for Lidl, but they couldn't get one in the store. The word "big" meant such a human-sized figure (about 1.60 m tall).

The thought of making such a big doll was scary for a while, but at the same time intriguing enough to jump head first into the cold water :). The result was a bear about 1.60 meters tall and weighing about 8.5 kg. In addition to the large dimensions, the mom also got a big and warm heart. It was immediately visible in his eyes - the other looked at him so sweetly and understandingly.

That being said, our big and kind hearted mutt was used to film a Lidl commercial. So we are now also in the advertising and film industry with a (big and soft) paw!

In the photos below, you can see our mammick in action - searchlights and film crews all around. You can watch the advertising clip on YouTube .

A great white bear

Almost Muk

Muki One child lost his beloved cuddly dog ​​Muk, who had been his best friend for 12 years. The mother wanted to alleviate the loss of the child a little, and so we were asked to make an almost-Muk as close as possible to the original Muk in the adjacent picture.

Such challenges would be a special joy if you could go to the store and buy just the kind of material that is most suitable and pleasant (like choosing food from the Masterchef kitchen :)). Unfortunately, you have to accept what our stores offer when the need arises. Unfortunately, the selection is not even close to satisfactory.

The result was as you can see below and there is nothing left but to be satisfied :). If I were to make another one like it, I would make some details a little differently, but in general I would leave everything the same. So, if someone wants a cute beagle invitation, one could easily be made.

Craft dog, beagle


MiaPuPe_Breddy_Breden At the end of 2015, Breden Kids, which manufactures clothes for children, organized the "Who or what is Breden" contest to find out what children's vision of their brand is.

Among the works received for the competition, Heleriini Breden was chosen as the winner, who was pleasantly named Breddy.

We were very honored that Breden Kids trusted us to make a doll based on Breddy's picture. A grateful bow :)!

The adjacent photo shows Breddy's artist Heleriin with her picture and the doll we made. Looking at the picture, you might think that it is a simple child's drawing, but in fact Helerini's drawing had a lot of details, all of which had to be taken into account in order to achieve an authentic result. So very interesting work :).

The author was apparently satisfied with the result :).

You can buy Breddy in the Breden Kids e-store.


See The children of the Mesimummme group of the Tallinn Mõmmik nursery each received a doll named Nähka for Christmas. Nähle also got a pocket made for a surprise (after all, it's Christmas :)).

Nähka is a nice character, with whose help children learn about nature. Nähka is active and smart, she wants to get everything from nature. He has dragonfly-like wings, dexterous hands, legs for walking on land, and a fish-tail rudder for swimming.

You can read more about our Nähka project here.

See the doll

Toys for Pillapalla's playroom

MiaPuPe dolls In the spring, we were contacted by Helina, who was setting up Valka Pillapalla's playroom and wanted dolls in our style, as well as kitchen and store toys. We had not done the latter so far, and it was an interesting proposal all the more :).

As a result, Valka traveled with two dolls and posu store toys: a bag of potatoes, fish, tomatoes, donuts, cookies, a cake, a wallet, a shopping bag, an apron, cloths and a few other things. The choice can be seen nicely in the picture below.

Helina is also setting up a playroom in Helsinki, and the children there also got store toys made by us and a cute baby doll with a bag of baby supplies to play with.

Store toys

MiaPuPe mascot

On February 20, MiaPuPe turned 3 years old, and on this occasion we made ourselves birthday shoes. Our cute child-drawn logo character was transformed into 3D. So now we have our very own mascot who benevolently and faithfully watches over all our activities :).

MiaPuPe mascot

Softrend's dream pet

At the beginning of 2014, Softrend, which produces soft furniture, announced the dream stuffed animal project. The children drew which stuffed animals they would like, and based on the drawings we made three different stuffed animals, which are now available to everyone at Softrend .

The toys are sewn by hearing-impaired seamstresses of the NGO THINK Estonia , and furniture fabric left over from Softrend's production is used as material. Part of the sales proceeds will go to hearing-impaired students at Helen's school. So, in every way, a very worthwhile project!

Get to know them, here they are: Sophia, the Color Maiden and the Color Dot. The first collage shows the children's vision and the second one the realization of MiaPuPe.

Softrend's dream pet

The stuffed animal of dreams, MiaPuPe

Mimu the cowgirl and Stretch the octopus

Mimu and Stretch In 2012, Robin Gurney wrote a book for his children, The Trouble with Treasure, with Stretch the octopus and Mimu the cowgirl as the main characters.

The book was illustrated by Olivia Lipartia and MiaPuPe had the honor of making so-called 3D versions of the book's main characters :). Only a pdf version of the book was made and unfortunately it never made it to print, but it was still a very interesting project.

And here they are - Stretch and Mimu:

Mimu and Stretch

The Worm King

Snake king with a gorgeous crown made for the display of Viimsi Rannarahva Museum :).


Full-size mannequin

Another good challenge remained in 2012. Namely, they were asked to make a doll the size of a big man for the performance . It took a crazy amount of fabric and filling material, but it was finished and just like this: