MiaPuPe - Your and your child's secret friend

Mariel and Mia

MiaPuPe's story, like many other stories, was probably written in the stars a long time ago. It has been our part - Marieli, Marju and Mia - to find this story and bring it to life. The story is long and interesting, and we are only at the beginning of reading it. And we are not in a hurry - why hurry and quickly find out the end, if the journey itself is much more interesting :). Every smallest shade is worth discovering and feeling, because otherwise the story remains incomplete - just covers without content.

The core of MiaPuPe is the child in its entirety, and our mission is to support and prolong being a child as long as possible and to help ensure that our children and grandchildren have a happy childhood and that they can contribute to the creation of a better world as happy and emotionally healthy adults. That in each of us the brightness and joy of a child, the sincerity and laughter of a child, the kindness and warmth of a child are preserved. Regardless of how old or what social position someone is at the moment.

Our aim is to make toys that stimulate the child's senses and provide a sense of security, i.e. the emphasis is on the design and thought of the toy. The fact that MiaPuPe toys are also handmade is an important added value :). Our toys have a special warmth and soul, they are designed and made with the child in mind and wishing him well. Such a handmade toy supports a child's mental and emotional development much more than any cool and modern one made by an unknown line worker somewhere far away.

In addition to small children, older and already grown-up children (read: adults) also need someone to confide their worries and joys to - why not a soft cuddly animal or a fantasy character with a swing who lives with them and gives advice if you only know how to listen. Like a secret friend that no one needs to know about, but can't live without :).

That being said, our story is just beginning. We have been operating for 3.5 years already, but this is just the beginning for us. We don't want to be the servants of a super-fast and superficial world, we make our way with small but joyful steps and invite you to be a part of it too - join our mailing list and let us share our journey and joy with you :).

MiaPuPe - Your and your child's secret friend :).

PS Read here who among us does what and where you can meet us.

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