Cute monsters - alleviating children's fears

Cute bogies, children's fears

A large part of MiaPuPe's most popular products are cuddly toys for the smallest, but older children also increasingly need the support of cuddly and safe friends. The first few years are so nice to discover the world under the caring and loving eyes of parents, but then kindergarten starts and other children and unfamiliar adults come, which at first make you a little nervous. Along with discovering the world, the child finds that there are also slightly darker corners, where the light does not always reach, and you never know who or what might be hiding in those corners...

Strange sounds, being alone in your room at night, fear of putting your feet on the floor, because perhaps someone is under the bed and grabs them, etc., etc. Everyone definitely remembers something scary from their childhood, which was very difficult to deal with and you didn't dare to tell their parents about everything, because then the fear of being laughed at or not being taken seriously was added. Another fear... From an adult's point of view, fears are normal and help children to develop, but when you are in the shoes of a child, it is difficult to think "soberly" and discuss your fears away.

It's much easier to cuddle someone nice, reliable and safe and just be strong together :) And what are soft toys for? Just for that. So that slightly older children don't have to be afraid (again fear) that someone will make fun of them because of the "babyich" cuddly toys, we now also have slightly cooler characters to hug and look at the world with.

Parents who provide a sense of security are the foundation of every child's world, but even the best parents cannot be by their child's side at all times and need skilled helpers in whose hands they can entrust their children during separation.

Our cuddly monsters and other fear- and anxiety relieving toys can be found under soft toys and come in seven different color combinations. All monsters can be personalized with a name and some encouraging phrase that mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle, friend or whoever wants to give to the child.

A gift, a pack fear reliever

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