Teddy bear - a cute stuffed animal for all children born in the year of the monkey (but not only :))

MiaPuPe teddy monkey, named stuffed animal

Thinking of all the children born in the year of the monkey, the MiaPuPe e-shop now also has a stuffed monkey stuffed animal. The idea of making a monkey was given to us by a lovely customer - thank you, Kaidi :)! The execution is similar to all our other stuffed animals - the cuddly monkey is made of soft cotton velvet and is filled with allergy-free pillow stuffing. The face is made of woolen fabric and the facial expression is drawn on a sewing machine using the freehand embroidery technique.

The Year of the Monkey has already arrived in September, but babies are known to have (at least) 12 birthdays in their first year of life, and Christmas is still to come. So you will definitely find a reason to give your monkey to every child of the Year of the Monkey :).

If you wish, we will embroider the child's name, birth data (date, time, height and weight) or other (short) text requested by you on the monkey, as it has already become customary for all our other stuffed animals.

So, feel free to go ahead and order your lovely monkey girl or boy his very own stuffed monkey .

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