Now you can also order personalized cards or cards with your own design from us

Greeting card named MiaPuPe

MiaPuPe doesn't just make things, each of our products is special and unique. On the one hand, because everything is made by hand, and on the other hand, because most of the products get either a name or other text that is intended for the recipient. So every toy, bag or card can already have a lot of good wishes sewn into it during the manufacturing process. Most of the time we don't see any recipient ourselves, but our good wishes still reach everyone secretly :).

All stuffed animals and cuddly towels , rattles , soft toy animals , bags and also fantasy characters have been personalized for a long time, the only thing left for the orphan is the cards. We have now corrected this error, and in our e-shop, all cards now have the option to ask us to embroider a name or other short text on the card in addition to the existing design.

All our cards are recycled through and through - we use card bases made from waste paper, and we make the appliqués on top from scraps of fabric that we have left over from other jobs. All illustrations and personalizations are made using the freehand embroidery technique. This is a particularly creative and great process - like drawing, only instead of a pencil or brush, there is a sewing machine (and, of course, the maker's hands, eye and imagination) :).

The cards below are a good example of this technique. We made them for the teachers of the Sipsik group of a kindergarten. Everyone got their own Sipsik.

So you don't have to limit yourself to the selection currently available in the e-shop . We are also happy to do custom work, and the only limit here is the customer's fantasy :). If you want something special for someone special, write to us and we will give emotions together!

Cards for Sipsik group teachers

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