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MiaPuPe craft cards

The MiaPuPe product range now also includes a number of craft cards. There are still various pieces and strips of fabric left over from making toys, and most of them now find their way into the cards :). As the base of the cards, we use either cardboard made from waste paper from the Räpina paper factory or various surplus paper materials.

In addition to sewing, I also really like to draw, and this kind of work is a very good opportunity to combine two pleasant things - all the illustrations on the cards are made by drawing with a sewing machine, and the appliqués are attached in the same way. I use the same technique to make rattles and fantasy animals.

The appliqué for large cards is attached to a separate piece of linen cloth so that, if desired, it can be detached from the card and sewn onto, for example, a bag, a sofa cushion, some clothing item, or wherever desired.

Our large cards are available as both a regular card and a money card. I hope that in the future you will also find a suitable card for each toy from our selection :). If you want something really special, let us know, we'll be happy to do custom work, as always :).

If you wish, we will also send the toy you have chosen as a gift directly to the recipient. Now you can also choose a card suitable for the gift, and if you write the desired text in the "description of personalization" box, we will write it beautifully inside the card for you and send the gift on its way :).

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A card for a girl, a card for a boy

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