If you are looking for a cute gift: MiaPuPe velvet stuffed animals for babies - a gift with a name for both a girl and a boy

MiaPuPe stuffed animals for babies

The little wonder of your world, but at the same time the most important center of your world, snuggles super sweetly in his safe world of sleep, away from all imaginable and unimaginable dangers, smiles meekly through sleep and wakes up with the same smile and pillow face, looks at you like a little sun, and your day is instantly beautiful to the point of tears. All parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and other important characters have enjoyed this sight and felt this feeling :). The name of this feeling is love - pure, unconditional love without question marks, commas and colons, the like of which is felt for no one else in life, it belongs only to these tiny navels of the world :).

Every child deserves to be guarded by a bright and safe cuddly toy made just for him. MiaPuPe would like to make a modest but heartfelt contribution here. Our pets have gone through much the same path as MiaPuPe even - the idea has always been the same, but the execution has matured, developed and grown.

We made the first stuffed bunnies in the fall of 2013, and in retrospect, we can say that they were very sudden and not at all as gentle as a stuffed animal should be :). In the case of fabric, we initially had to accept what was available from our fabric stores, the courage and ability to buy larger quantities from other parts of the world came only later. These rabbits were very soft and very cute, but not the kind that you could be completely satisfied with :).

About a year later, we started looking for a way to buy quality fabric that would be safe for babies and from a source that would continue to be available. Not that if the batch is over, start the whole process from the beginning. As fate would have it, one of the two wishes came true :). So the whole process was repeated. But it was probably necessary then to keep us from behind and to find an even better solution.

Now all the stuffed animals you can buy in our online store are made of soft cotton velvet with Öko-tex certification (that is, the fabric does not contain toxic chemicals or other harmful substances), and the faces are made of dense woolen fabric. The eyes, nose and heart are drawn on a sewing machine using the freehand embroidery technique. So each child is drawn their own stuffed animal, none identical to the other. In the case of fluffy bunnies, in addition to the main color, you can also choose a suitable ear pattern - in other words, in case of gender-neutral colors (white and brown), you can choose ears with blue and red flowers.

Our selection currently includes the so-called classic pink and blue fluffy rabbit:

Cuddly bunny, pink, blue

white and brown fluffy rabbit:

Fluffy rabbit, white, brown. A cat's gift

Sleeping sheep , again in response to customer requests, with both pink and light blue ears:

sleeping sheep

And one soft and cute baby , this time only with pink ears :) (see photo below).

On request, we can embroider a name, name and date of birth or any other desired text on all stuffed animals. We embroider the personalization on a separate piece of craft felt and sew it onto the butt of the stuffed animal. Since a picture speaks better than a thousand words, the photo shows the child's name, date of birth and other strategic indicators embroidered on the pink fluffy rabbit :).

Teddy bear. Name gift

Our bunnies, sleeping sheep and teddy bear have now come home at least for a while and we are looking forward to when it is time to start the path of change again :).

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