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Like a Local Guide

We are very happy that more and more people are asking us to make different toys and mascot animals based on drawings and illustrations. Now, at the beginning of autumn, we made a so-called 3D version of their mascot dog for Like a Local Guide.

Like a Local mascot The image on the right shows what they call a digital image of their mascot animal, and the photos above show a 3D version of it that we created. In many ways, it was a so-called recycling project, because we chose old jeans as the material, which are pleasantly soft, but not too stretchy, and this kind of material usually gives the best results :). The dog's face is drawn on a sewing machine using a freehand embroidery technique, and the blouse on the back can be removed and replaced with something else if necessary. All in all, it turned out to be a cute little animal that is sure to be a lovely addition to the office or wherever you want to use it. The perfect point for me was that the client was also very satisfied with the work :).

Like a Local Guide is an interesting and delightfully human-centric app that aims to provide people with authentic travel experiences. To achieve this, a community of people has been created in each location, who share good recommendations for tourists on what to see and experience in each city - which are the most exciting sights, restaurants, cafes, shops, etc., etc. This way, you no longer have to rely only on brochures and national tourism recommendations for an interesting travel experience :).

We have gathered here the most interesting work we have done over the years, you are welcome to browse :).

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