It's our birthday, already the fifth :)

MiaPuPe Mug

MiaPuPe turns 5 years old today (February 20) and since we wouldn't exist without our lovely customers, we will draw one customer for her birthday, to whom we will give a new product created for our 5th birthday - the puppy Muki in the photo :). Muki is a cute and a bit mischievous puppy who joined Pontu , who is a bit more balanced and experienced in life.

We are very grateful to all customers who have helped us grow and become smarter through their feedback and encouragement. Therefore, we decided that all customers who have made at least two purchases through our e-store or left feedback about a product in our e-store or posted a feedback/photo on FB or Instagram or sent us a feedback will participate in our birthday raffle. to email. Everyone who has already done so and whose email we have, will automatically participate in the draw and will also receive a corresponding email from us. If you feel that you should have received such an email, but did not, please write to us, we have certainly not left anyone out of malice :).

However, this does not mean that everyone else is less important to us - certainly not :). If you want to wish us luck on our birthday and thereby participate in the Muk raffle, there are many options for this, and all of them certainly do not require a public appearance :).

You are invited to write your feedback even if you have bought our products at fairs and trade fairs or received them as a gift, so everyone can write and participate in the draw :). And the ways to do this are as follows:

All this can be done until the end of the month, i.e. until the evening of February 28, and on March 1, Muki will be drawn :).

Thank you very much!

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