MiaPuPe's new beginning in Hiiumaa

MiaPuPe workshop in Hiiumaa

I would like to start with the phrase "MiaPuPe is now in Hiiumaa!", but since "now" has lasted for more than five months, I guess I have to come out with a little more humble shout :). In other words - MiaPuPe has been in Hiiumaa for a while now!

Setting up a new life and job and the pre-Christmas period all took time, so I haven't had time to write more. This post will probably turn out to be more like a repair blog, but for a reason - we made ourselves a nice cozy workshop and we are very satisfied with the result and proud of ourselves :). We are very grateful to the store Safran , which sells natural finishing materials, for which we boldly advertise here - everyone who wants to finish their home and work spaces either completely or partly with natural materials, go to Safran - in addition to very good advice, you will also receive very friendly and helpful service.

Now everything is in order. Here are photos from the very beginning, that is, the room that was to become our workshop:

The walls were covered with paintable wallpaper, which we removed (sounds easy, but it was quite a bit), then we reinforced and puttyed it, and the final stage of the preliminary work was the smooth plastering of the walls with fine putty. In addition, we also lightly stained the ceiling with white paint to get a light, but at the same time slightly wooden finish. By the end of this stage, we had a room like this:

Now it was time to finish the walls. For this purpose, we used Safran brush and roller plaster , which we did not use a brush or a roller to apply, but instead a Venetian trowel to get a slightly thicker and more structured result. But this plaster can also be used as paint - in this case, the mixture must be made a little thinner and applied to the wall either with a brush or a roller. The plaster can also be tinted, but we wanted a very natural shade, so we didn't use the tinting option this time. The plastering process looked like this:

Saffron, brush and roller plaster

When initially applied to the wall, the natural plaster is a little beige, but when it dries, it will reach its correct shade. By carrying a wall with a bell, you can let your imagination fly and design the surface you want as a result. A completely affordable activity for everyone :). It's also very good that if some place leaves something to be desired the first time, it can be beautifully done over and there is no need to re-plaster the entire wall. In the same way, spot corrections can be made later, which is also very convenient.

When the walls were plastered, we sanded the floor to remove the old varnish and oiled the floor with tinted oil wax. In this way, we got the same shade as the ceiling and floor, and when all that was done, we also laid decorative stone behind the stove (there were brown ceramic tiles there before). At the end of this whole process, our workshop looked like this (here is also a close-up view of the plaster structure):

MiaPuPe workshop

Then, as usual - skirting boards etc. nitty-gritty, but very time-consuming work :). The joints between the ceiling and the wall became a "slat" with a thick rope. When all these works were done, it was time to cut the tables and shelves to the right size and find their place. In the end, two places remained unfinished - the door and the table by the large window, and they are still unfinished. But it will come :).

Therefore, everything with the label "MiaPuPe" comes from a workshop like this with the support of Hiiumaa forests and the sea for a little over four months:

MiaPuPe workshop, sewing table

MiaPuPe desktop


Thank you for continuing to be with us! :) Warm greetings from Hiiumaa!

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