MiaPuPe summer - fairs and holidays. And ordering information :)

MiaPuPe summer

Summer is a very busy time for us, but also a very pleasant time. We are out at several fairs (read to the end, then you will find out where :)) and it is always a great pleasure to receive immediate feedback on our work and creations. A big thank you to everyone who takes the trouble to stop by and say a few good words even without a desire to buy!

In addition to the fairs, we also spend a lot of time relaxing in nature and gaining new ideas and strength. In connection with this, our e-shop will not be open all summer and unfortunately orders cannot be placed at any moment - we ask for a lighter punishment in advance! You can explore our products all the time and choose your favorites, we simply stop making purchases for the time when we cannot actually fulfill orders.

In this regard, we also have a request for you - if you already know that you definitely want to order something during July and August, let us know as early as possible and we will try to fulfill all your wishes if possible. Send your wishes to miapupe@gmail.com or send them via our FB page .

Here is a list of events where you can definitely meet us this summer:

Have a nice summer and you are welcome to visit us :)!

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