The story of Murekoll Ruud

Concerned. Worry Monster

Ruudi is an incredibly loyal and good-hearted character. He may look scary, but this is just a protective armor - inside he has a warm heart that wants to protect and take away all worries. A slightly scary appearance is necessary so that worries do not come too close to the child and do not constantly bother him. If such a character sits next to the bed and monitors all the child's activities, it is wiser to stay away from worries :).

Ruud's working principle consists in the simple recognition that a shared concern is half a concern. The child writes his worries on a piece of paper, puts it in Ruud's mouth in the evening, and during the night Ruud's worries are eaten away*. In the morning, the child feels much lighter knowing that the "big bad" Ruudi has made his worries go away. Ruudi also helps smaller children who don't know how to write yet, because someone's worries are not insignificant - you can also draw your worries to Ruudi - he understands everything :).

If the concern is big and the child needs reliable advice, Ruudi can help here too - the child only has to write to the concern that he wants help, and after a while you can find an answer from Ruudi's mouth with his kind and understanding recommendations*.

How to understand that Ruud has a problem to solve at the moment? If Ruud's tongue is out of his mouth, he is busy destroying the worry, and when the worry is solved, the tongue goes back into his mouth. But when he writes the answer to the child, the tongue still hangs out so that the child understands that the answer has come.

Ruudi is such a character, and we can confirm that he fulfills his role with extreme dedication :).

* places where the timely action of the parent is necessary :).

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