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See the doll

Nähka is a trick-or-treating, curious and peculiar character - he has dragonfly-like wings, dexterous hands, legs for walking on land and a fish-tail rudder for swimming. It was born in the joint work of kindergarten teachers and naturalists and was created to make it more interesting for children to get to know and befriend nature.

In October-November last year, the parents of a group of children at the Mõmmik nursery school came up with the idea of giving each of the children a Nähka doll for Christmas, which would help make teaching children about nature more playful and engaging. To be honest, we didn't know anything about Nähka (fortunately the child did), but that didn't stop us from making a doll based on the picture :). The goal was to make a handy doll for nursery children, and certainly for everyone with her name Nähka.

In the case of such projects, the biggest challenge is always finding the material, because you can't find high-quality fabric in our fabric stores that you want to start making something for the children with right away. Not to mention the color choice. You have to accept what is and conjure the expected result out of nothing :).

Our nähka doll turned out like you can see in the photo above, and we hope that the children will like it and that it will help them become friends with nature more easily :). We embroidered the name of his new friend on each doll, and we also made a small pocket on the belly to hide something secret :).

A whole series of different stories have been written about Nähka's activities, which can be read to children. They are all nicely collected here . Enjoy reading!

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