Popular Baby Names 2017 - Statistics of stuffed animals named MiaPuPe

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The "new" year has already arrived in September, but since last year's statistics are still unrecorded and there is no better time to start than NOW, here it is :).

In total, we made about 450 personalized products in 2017, of which 426 were either with name or name and birth data (date of birth, height/weight) and 24 with some other text.

The most popular girls' names were Adeele, Amanda, Hanna, Lenna, Mia, Nora and Sofia. Similar to the year before , Hanna and Nora are still among the most popular names. In total, we made 226 teddy bears with names for the girls.

The most popular boys' names were Armin, Hugo, Markus, Oliver, Oskar and Sebastian. Hugo and Oskar were also among the most popular in 2016, the others are newcomers to our statistics :). The boys received a total of 200 teddy bears with names.

We made the most named stuffed animals for children born in May, and the most popular birth dates were the 17th, 21st and 30th.

The smallest birth weight we recorded was 2708 grams and the largest was 4760 grams. In terms of height, the children were between 47 cm and 55 cm.

Quite a few children have received two exactly the same teddy bears, because according to the mothers, the children do not let go of the teddy bears in order to wash them in between. So there must be two of them so that there is an equivalent replacement for washing :).

Happy growing!

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