Most Popular Baby Names 2016 - Statistics of MiaPuPe's tiny customers

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Coming into the new year, it's nice to do all kinds of statistics and analysis more than usual, especially to reflect on yourself and make new plans, but not only. For one company - no matter how small - you can put together all kinds of numbers and calculate dozens of ratios if you wish, the question is whether they are all necessary :).

It has been possible to order personalized products in our e-shop for about a year now, and so we have a nice overview of who our smallest customers are, whose mothers-fathers, aunts-uncles, grandmothers-grandfathers and all other caring people have wished for them surprise with cute cuddly toys and other products in our selection.

In 2016, we made a total of about 300 named products, 173 of them for girls and 127 for boys. There were probably a few or thirty more, as we have also accepted many express orders made by phone, which have not been recorded in the annals :). Often there is a request that "I have to go to the cat in the evening (tomorrow at lunch or in three hours), can I please have a teddy bear with a name by that time, I'll pick it up myself" and we still do it as much as possible. Such wishes are actually very sweet and heartwarming :).

But now more about who these 300 have been. Among the girls' names, the most popular were Emma, Hanna, Kertu, Mirtel, Nora and Sandra - we embroidered them three or more times. Based on the same principle, the most popular names for boys were Aron, Hugo and Oskar.

The most popular dates of birth that were embroidered on products in addition to names were the 3rd, 17th, 26th and 28th last year, and May was by far the most popular month. Of those who were asked to embroider the time of birth, exactly half were born between 0:00 and 7:00, and the other half at other times of the day.

The following summary can be made of the children whose weight and height were requested in addition to their name and date of birth - the child with the lowest birth weight weighed 2,235 grams and the child with the heaviest birth weight weighed 4,530 grams. The average birth weight of our tiny customers was 3534 grams. In terms of height, the shortest child was 47 cm, the tallest 57 cm, and the average was 51.2 cm :).

There is one more nice fact - we made cuddly toys for at least three pairs of twins. There could have been more of them, but these three can be identified by date of birth :).

Happy growing and recovery to all our little nubs, and mothers and fathers continued joy and endurance! We will definitely meet again :)!


  • Tooted on teil tõesti vahvad ja armsad! Meil kodus kaks Birke nimelist? Ja üks nimeline Tudujänes, mille teilt tellisin, rändas katsiku kingiks beebi poisile kaugele Indiasse. Neil väga meeldis?

  • Jah, tõesti! Nii pisikesele poisile tegime ka tudujänese :). Seda tellimust ei tehtud läbi e-poe ja seetõttu jäi statistikast välja.
    Aitäh, Mann!

  • Minu pojale kingiti ka teie tehtud imearmas jänku ja tema parameetrid olid tegelikult veel väiksemad, kui statistikas kirjas (2148 g ja 44 cm).


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