Characters inspired by the Year of the Pig

Tudunotsu, cuddly pig, piglet

The beginning of the year of the pig gave a reason to make another new stuffed animal - a little pink piglet is a very cute cuddly toy. So we now have a lovely pink tuduno pig and also a pig cuddly cloth in our selection. The main fabric of both is pink cotton velvet.

Like all other stuffed animals, they can also be personalized - embroidered with the child's name, date of birth and birth data or some other short text. A very cute cat gift for all children born this year.

As you can see from the photo, in addition to cuddly toys, we also have a pig with some swing :). This character was created based on the special request of one customer, and since he turned out to be quite cute and unique, he is also available for everyone else to order in our e-shop. For us, it is a vegetarian Christmas pig - if it is a tradition at Christmas that there must be a pig on the Christmas table, then it can be in this form, not just for eating :). In addition, it is suitable as a unique salted bread gift for everyone who gets a new home this year of the pig. If you wish, we can also write a short text on it and it will become a lovely keepsake.

Happy birthday to all those born in the year of the pig! :)

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