Big and soft teddy bear Lidl advertisement

A big soft bear

The subtitle of this story could be "Bear Ambulance", because the production company Münchhausen needed to quickly find a good-natured, big, white bear for advertising, but they couldn't get one in the store. The word "big" meant such a human-sized figure (about 1.60 m tall). The thought of making such a big doll was scary for a while, but at the same time intriguing enough to jump head first into the cold water :).

A big teddy bear When making small characters, there is still a little room to experiment and improve, but here, essentially, you had to get it right the first time - nobody is willing to pay for meters of fabric for testing. And luckily everything went well. The result was a bear about 1.60 meters tall and weighing about 8.5 kg. In addition to her large size, mom also got a big and warm heart. It was immediately visible in his eyes - the other looked at him so sweetly and understandingly.

By making such a big bear, the term teddy bear took on a completely different meaning - usually the teddy bear is the one who is cuddled, but this bear hugs the child (and why not the adult) itself. :)

When he sat in our room and looked at us from the edge of the wall, it was even a pity that he would be taken away right away, but such a big animal does not belong in a small room, he still needs more space :).

Our big and kind-hearted pup was used to film a Lidl commercial. So we are now also in the advertising and film industry with a (big and soft) paw!

By clicking on the links, you can see photos of mommy in a new work environment: mommy with her new colleagues and mommy making plans at the office desk .

In the photos below, you can see our mammick in action - searchlights and film crews all around. You can watch the advertising clip on Youtube.

A big bear on the set

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