Unicorn Cuisu-Henry: a cuddly animal created based on the character of the Margus Karu book

Kaisu-Henry, Margus Karu Foundation

Kaisu-Henry is a toy and cuddly animal based on the character of Margus Karu's children's book "The Dream of Henry the Horse" and also one of the most special projects of MiaPuPe :). "Henry the Horse's Dream" is a warm and imaginative story that encourages both young and old readers to discover their true nature and real friends on an adventure.

Teddy Henry is a unicorn who is a symbol of love, friendship, purity, innocence and longing. He is a bit real and a bit fantasy, definitely all real to some and all fantasy to others. But that's everyone's own choice :).

Anyway, the toy is real, and although Kaisu-Henry is made by us, you can order them through the Margus Karu Foundation. There is a form on the website of the foundation that you just have to fill out and Kaisu-Henry will be on its way to you soon. If you don't have it yet, be sure to buy the book, it is available in bookstores all over Estonia.

A special and cute gift for every child - both a book alone and with a toy.

The proceeds from the sale of both Kaisu-Henry and the book go to the Margus Karu Foundation , which uses the money to discover and support young talents and for mental health outreach. Help do good!

Photos: Mardo Männimägi

Horse Henry's dream, Teddy-Henry

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