Quilt and pillow for your child

Every child deserves at least one quilt or pillow made just for them. A character blanket / bedspread or pillow, which uses colors and motifs that the child likes, and why not also the child's own drawings, develops his attention and perception and is a beautiful memory for a lifetime. And of course mommy-daddy also loves to watch :).

Mariel is a master at making a blanket and pillow that is just right for each child, and we promise that the uniqueness is guaranteed :). All you need is some guidelines, what colors and motifs the blanket/pillow should have, how big it should be, and you can leave the rest to Mariel.

In the photos on the right, the pillows are 50x25cm in size, and the price of such a pillow is approximately 50 EUR.

In the photo below, there is a quilt made for a little girl, with a butterfly, flowers, hearts and her name letters on it. The dimensions of the blanket are 100x120 cm. The prices of similar blankets start from 120 EUR. In addition to the size of the quilt, the price also depends on the number and complexity of the appliqués, as making them is one of the most time-consuming jobs in a patchwork quilt.

If you would like to order a similar or completely different pillow and/or blanket for your child or someone close to you (the only limit here is your imagination :)), please contact us by writing an email to miapupe@gmail.com :)

The photos below also show examples of applications made according to the child's own drawings. In this case, the best result comes when the child draws (or writes) directly on the fabric, and then the drawing is fixed on the blanket with a sewing machine. A very cute way to preserve the unique drawing style of the child's early childhood and also the hand and footprint :).

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