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Blue Ballerina

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Happy and bright blue ballerina doll. "She's girly and tender, and every girl likes ballerinas," says Mia when asked why she should buy such a doll for her child :)

The body of the doll is made of cotton fabric, the hair is made of yarn, the skirt is made of soft tulle and the leggings are made of knitwear. The skirt and leggings can be removed.

The doll's face is "drawn" on a sewing machine using a freehand embroidery technique, and she is stuffed with pillow stuffing.

The doll is about 37 cm long and very light. It's nice and easy to put her in different poses without fearing that something might break :)


If necessary, the doll can be washed in a washing machine with 30-degree water. Before washing, take off the skirt and leggings.

Be sure to use a laundry bag and braid the doll's hair in 2-3 braids before washing, so that the hair does not get too tangled during washing. Do not use a dryer.