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Cute monster, turquoise
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Cute monster, turquoise

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The cute monster is a special friend for all children with a fear of monsters - he shows with his nature that monsters are not actually scary, only the thought of them is scary.

This fellow can be taken along when the child is afraid to go somewhere alone, cuddled, when the child is afraid to sleep alone, etc. With such a great and cheerful pal, no "thought monster" can interfere. He helps the child to deal with his fears in a friendly and gentle way.

An encouraging companion who scares away even the most fearful "thought monsters" with his cheerful state.

The cute monster is approx. 40 cm long (including legs) and is made of high-quality Oeko-Tex certified cotton velvet and stuffed with pillow stuffing. There is reflective fabric around the eyes. That way it's more fun to play with him in the dark :)


If you wish, we can also embroider the child's name, name + date or a text of your choice on the monster. To do this, please select the appropriate option from the "personalization" drop-down menu and add the desired text to the "personalization description" box.

We embroider the personalization with printed letters on the felt, which we sew on the backside of the monster. The last photo shows examples of what the different personalization options look like.


The cute monster is made of high-quality cotton velvet and can be washed in a washing machine at 30 degrees and definitely in a laundry bag! With clothes of a similar color. You shouldn't put him in the dryer.

It is advisable to dry the monster in a warm place and to pat him from time to time while drying. In this way, it dries properly and faster than if it is not wet.

In case of light soiling, you can clean the soiled area with a sponge and a mild detergent.

If necessary, it can also be ironed at a low temperature.

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